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Conferences, Group Outings

lab3We recently moved into shiny new lab space in the beautiful research annex of Coulter Hall!


hoodEight fume hoods equipped with Schlenk lines and Welch vacuum pumps, plenty of bench space


IMG_1356Negative pressure chemical storage room


desksStudent desks with adjacent kitchen right next door to the lab


glovebox3new MBraun UniLab Pro dual-user glove box


solvent-systemSolvent system containing anhydrous tetrahydrofuran, diethyl ether, dichloromethane, and toluene


potentiostat, RDE, UV-VisBASi Epsilon electrochemical workstation with rotating disk electrode and Agilent / HP 8453 UV-Vis spectrophotometer


LCMSAgilent Technologies 1200 Infinity Series/6120 Quadropole LC/MS system


microwaveAnton Paar Monowave 300 microwave reactor


vac-oven,sonicatorVacuum oven and sonicator


rotovapsTwo Heidolph rotary evaporators (and two Buchi rotary evaporators, not shown)


balancesTop-loading and analytical balances


group_computersTwo group computers: one is a dedicated system for computational chemistry (Gaussian09) with Intel core i7-4770 (3.40 GHz) CPU, 16 GB RAM, and 1 TB hard drive